PT. Agro Abadi Gemilang (often called Agro Gemilang) is a company that wants to participate in the country’s development in the filed of construction services. The company is domiciled in Tangerang – Banten, but the results of our services various parts of the country, such as: North Sumatra, Greater Jakarta, Bali, Sumba, and others.

The company is committed to optimizing the potential of ideas, thoughts and energy, to be combined with high quality standards of resource, speed and accuracy of work, to achieve maximum results in accordance with the wishes of consumers.

We apply the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that has been proven feasible and good to be used as a reference in carrying out any construction service work. The SOP includes the field survey stage, evaluation phase, discussion stage, design stage, workmanship stage, final evaluation stage and maintenance phase. The SOP that was implemented greatly helped us to get information of feedback on the satisfaction and desire of the next consumer.

In fact, the main point of Agro Gemilang’s strength is in earnest service to consumers because we believe satisfied consumers are the who will come back again to using Agro Gemilang service in the future.

For your construction projects in the future, please contact our team, we are happy to welcome you.